How to install WordPress on cPanel

These simple steps will help you easily install WordPress on the most commonly used control panel for Web Hosting, thus cPanel.

From the cPanel, click on WordPress.
You should be brought to the WordPress Overview screen. Now click Install.

1. Choose the version you want to install
Please choose the very latest version.

2. Choose Protocol.
Please choose https://www.

3. Choose Domain
Please choose the domain to install the software.

4. In Directory
Please delete wp and leave the space blank

Under Site Settings
5. Site Name
Please enter a name for your wordpress website

6. Site Description
Please enter a description for your website

7. Enable Multisite (WPMU)
Please uncheck this box

Under Admin Account

8. Admin Username
Please enter a username for the admin. It is strongly recommended that the Admin Username be changed to something other than admin.

9. Admin Password
Please enter a stronger admin password.

10. Admin Email
Please enter your email address to receive notifications from your WordPress installation.

11. Select Language

12. *Limit Login Attempts (Loginizer) *
Please check this box

13. Classic Editor
Please check this box

14. You can skip Advanced Options

15. Under Select Theme you can skip for now as you will have the option to choose a theme from the WordPress Dashboard after installation.

16. Email installation details to
Please enter an email address where the installation details will be sent to.


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